UK.21J.0102 & GCAA DOA/214

ACI are a UK based DESIGN, PRODUCTION & REPAIR organisation, providing product & design excellence, on time & within budget.
Since 1987 we have provided a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for design, test, manufacture & repair for CABIN, COCKPIT & CARGO BAY INTERIOR projects.
We listen to our customers & provide tailored solutions to suit their requirements.
Our in-house design team are highly skilled technical engineers, well equipped to support our customers across all product design disciplines from concept generation through to installation.
Production to support your needs: AOG, stocked for JIT or campaign replacement.
In-house assembly, finishing, inspection & quality control ensures all parts are delivered to the exact standards required.
All ACI products are available with full UK CAA certification (MOD) package & UK CAA Form 1 release.
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…precisely engineered…

ACI design innovative, added value products that focus on improved quality, functionality, aesthetics & cost to meet our customers specifications.

ACI Design Engineers are trained in all phases of Design & Production to ensure that efficiencies gained through an intelligent Design for Manufacture approach yields ‘right first time’ components on short lead times at minimum cost.

ACI recognise that aircraft interior product design means more than simply meeting the minimum regulatory requirements, we embody in our products the demands of our customers as well as the rich history of product design learnt from over 30 years in aerospace.


…comprehensively certified…

ACI’s Office of Airworthiness oversees all compliance requirements for any changes to type certified aircraft performed under UK.21J.0102 & GCAA DOA/214 approvals.

Our scope for major / minor changes & repairs to aircraft cabin interiors & electrical systems is supported by in-house Compliance Verification Engineers, flammability and material testing facilities which ensures prompt completion of type investigation.

Engagement of our Airworthiness team’s input & experience early in the design process allows regulatory requirements to be identified & planned effectively, so as to support the aggressive delivery schedules required by our customers whilst meeting all legal airworthiness and safety obligations demanded by the regulator.



…efficiently manufactured - on time...

Specialising in the utilisation and management of a large UK base of expert manufacturers. ACI offer capacity for high volume production with flexibility for low volume and bespoke items for our existing and new design products or as ‘build-to-print’ against customer or third party data.

Our in-house hand finishing, assembly, inspection & quality control capabilities ensure all parts are delivered to the exacting standards required with all ACI products available for despatch with Form 1 release.

…over 500 profiles in ANY colour…

Seat Track Capping / Rail Covers
Cable Raceways
Carpet Joiners
Bumpstrip & Kickstrip
Rubstrips & Seals

…rapid manufacture, 15 day tooling…

Fairings, Shrouds & Bumpers
Light Blanks

Kits & Assemblies
…rapid installation, robust config control…

LOPA specific Cabin Extrusion Kits
Seat Refresh Trim Kits
Sidewall Lens Kits
Plug In Table Kits
Hand Finished Assemblies

Vacuum Forming
…more than just moulding…

Seat Back Tables
Lav Floor Panels
Galley & Lavatory Light Lenses
Monitor Shrouds

Sheet Metal & Machining
…precision manufacture…

Galley Turnbuttons
Seat Backs
In-arm Tables
Seat Structure

Soft Furnishings
…cabin textiles…

Seat Covers

…clean, overhaul, refurbish, refresh…

ACI overhaul and repair any aircraft interior component, including aircraft seats, cost effectively with a short turnaround.

This service can be provided to return components to a serviceable condition in accordance with the CMM or approved repair scheme, or introduce new replacement parts designed and manufactured by the ACI DOA and POA organisation.

All maintenance and repairs are supported with the necessary regulatory approvals and Form 1 release.
Armpad Re-foaming
Galley Turnbutton Refurbishment
Seat Back Tables
Seat Overhaul
Textiles and Fabrics
Interior Components